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Rover Inlet Manifold

At MDA-Motorsport we can custom modify the Rover Turbo and N/A inlet manifold to suit the zetec engine. The advantage of doing this is the improved flow patteren due to standard zetec inlet manifold being very restrictive. At MDA we can re-weld the inlet neck to clear the brake servo, supply both the adaptor plates to fit the rover inlet to the zetec head and the plate to fit the 2.0ltr zetec throttle body on to the inlet. This modification can be carried out without changing the ECU and minimum wiring modifications.

Package cost is 150 (Adaptor plates and re-weld)


Zetec Engine Re-Building

At MDA-Motorsport we have the facilities to re-build zetec engines with over 10 years in doing so. We offer the service of a minor re-build to a complete overhaul including rings, bearings, boring, and lots more. We also offer the service of an in house cylinder head mild port/polish/ re-build or we can use a local company who can carry out a more intensive port/polish/valve cutting and more.

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Piper Cams

At MDA we use piper cams and are cabable of dialing in the cams correctly to suit the prefered TDC timming. We can supply cams from road to race/rally use.

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