St Tuning Pack 3


Retail Price; 2219.13

MDA Motorsport Price; 1757.46

dsci Focus ST225 Induction Kit

The dsci Focus ST 225  Induction Kit is a direct replacement for the standard Ford Airbox and Intake and uses a "Venturi" effect to optimise maximum Airflow to the standard Ford Turbo. From the 4 piece Phase 1 Kit to the new and improved 2 piece Phase 2 Kit we have seen great results on both standard and modified Focus ST225's with increases of up to 20bhp in some instances.

1 x Venturi Turbo - MAF Pipe
1 x MAF - Air Filter Pipe
4 x Jubilee Clips
2 x Samco Hoses - White, Red, Black, Blue or Orange
1 x K&N or Pipercross Air Filter (inc stickers)
1 x Fixing Kit
1 x dsci Sticker - Red, Orange, Blue or Silver
1 x Blanking Plug
1 x Fitting Instructions


Full Turbo Back Exhaust with Sports Cat

Large 76mm (3") bore stainless exhaust system

Full turbo back system including downpipe and 200 cell SPORTS CAT - This will pass emisions test for MOT

Choice of tailpipe designs

Excellent sound


Stratagem ULTRA ST225

  • Colour touch screen
  • Built in on device data logging
  • Simulated ¼ mile timing and acceleration.
  • On device vehicle Bhp and torque calculation while driving.
  • Transferable to your next vehicle so easy to sell on.
  • Remote updates readily available from the dscipowered store.
  • Full fault code reader and diagnostics, also clears codes.
  • Comes with dash mount as standard.
  • Upgrade to STRATAGEM ULTRA available to existing Dashdaq II customers.


Gen3 Airtec ST Intercooler, total new high flow design!


Generation 3 Air tec 60mm core Focus ST intercooler upgrade. Polished finish, looks great!
(comes with full brackets and fittings included)

Still as easy to fit! and improved HIGH FLOW design.

Torque of the Devil Rolling Road test results! 31/01/2009
Gen 3 Test results
:296.4 bhp Brake horse power figure was impressive!
:390 lbs/ft Massive Torque curve
:148 degree's Inlet Temperture
:30 degree's Outlet Temperture

Standard Ford Intercooler Test results
:275 bhp Brake horse power figure was down on power compared to Gen 3
:350 lbs/ft Torque was also down compared to Gen 3
:144 degree's Inlet Temperture
:66 degree's Outlet Temperture

Airtec's latest intercooler for the ST Turbo, they have now changed the total design with new high flow 60mm core and smooth flow end tanks, which in turn has increased power, torque & also lowered ATC Temps, this could possibly be the best ST intercooler available. Yes its really that good!

Bolts onto the bottom of the radiator cradle so there is not major weight put onto the standard radiator mounts like other alloy intercoolers on the market