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gaz gha GAZ GT

A very extensive range of telescopic dampers for both modern and classic car applications. These units can be built in various open and closed lengths and will adjust bump and rebound off a single control knob.

gaz gha GAZ GAI

A range of top adjustable inserts that alter rebound only but are available with various bump rates for road or competition cars manufactured from the 1960’s onwards.

gaz gha GAZ GS

This is a fixed spring seat unit to take standard diameter coil springs with the added benefit of adjustable damping from a single control knob. These units are manufactured mainly for the classic car market to retain original equipment ride height but lengths can be adjusted to customers requirements if the car is to be lowered or raised for competition use.

gaz gha GAZ DA

Our flagship range of independent bump and rebound adjustable coilover units designed for motor sport use. These units have an all aluminium body and end fittings to take bearings or metalastic bushes. These units have a 16mm piston rod and are fitted with a progressive rate closed cell bump stop. These units can be installed from vertical to horizontal as there is a gas cell fitted in the outer reservoir. Gaz offers a total rebuild and revalve service to back up this high quality product.

gaz gha GAZ GP

A vast range of height and damping adjustable units for road and competition use. These units are available in two diameters 1.1/4” o.d. mainly to take 1.9” i.d. coils. These units have a 12mm piston rod and a gas cell fitted in the outer reservoir. The 2” body units are available with 12-14 or 16mm rods and a wide range of spring seat sizes. These are also fitted with a gas cell to prevent cavitation and resist fade. All units are available with bearings bonded or polyurethane bushes.

gaz gha GAZ GOLD PRO

Most of our telescopic range and all types of coilover units are produced with a gas cell in the outer reservoir. This helps prevent cavitation. The units are then filled with a multi grade high viscosity index fluid to help resist fade under extreme conditions. Roller bearing mounts are an optional extra offered by Gaz for these units. Please call for prices.