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dsci LITE Tuning Platform £325.00

SCI = Dream Science Computer Interface. This revolutionary and easy to use tuning package gives our customers the ability to program their car in minutes with any of our legendary STRATAGEM tune files.

dsci hologramAll dsci products carry the dsci hologram -
if it's not on your product then it's not genuine!


dsci LITE Tuning Platform contains:

dsci LITE Tuning Platform
    * dsci Application on USB Flash Drive
    * dsci OBD2 to USB Cable (for Ford Focus ST225
    * dsci Security Dongle
    * 1 stratagem tune (Race)
dsci LITE Tuning Platform







  • Easy to use tuning platform for Ford Focus ST225
  • Choose from the installed tune or return to your stock tune
  • View / Clear DTC Codes
  • 2 x VIN
  • Upgradable to dsci or dsci ELITE